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{Sunday, September 18, 2011}   Row, Row, Row Your Boat…..

As I sat at my computer this morning thinking about what I should post this song came to my mind ….
Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream

I began to research the lyrics and was amazed at what this song was really teaching us as children. I am sure we have all sung this song as a child with a big smile; when I heard it in my head I started to smile but what does this really mean. After reading what I researched I summarized it for you. Take a look.
The lyrics have often been used as a metaphor for life’s difficult choices, and many see the boat as referring to one’s self or a group with which one identifies. Rowing directs the vessel and takes a lot of skill and practice, alone rowing can be difficult; you can do it but it can take you longer to reach your destination. Unification is the key when rowing in a group, the group must be in sync rowing together for the progression of the boat otherwise you, the group and the boat will go in circles and get you nowhere.
Notice the lyrics “Gently down the stream” that means we don’t fight against the current; as human beings our natural instinct is to go in another direction opposite the current. We want to do things our way even if that way isn’t the best, we want to “see what will happen if”. We must learn how to go gently; flow with our Creator and his creation force not only creates resistance but also tires you out quickly.
When facing challenges according to this song we need to face them with a positive attitude and with open arms. We can learn a lot from the challenges we face in life, we can choose to learn and not follow the same path or continue to move in a circle or on the rocky path in the dark. Matthew 15:14 refers to these people as blind guides: They are blind guides leading the blind, and if one blind person guides another, they will both fall into a ditch.” We want to be in the light and living a purpose filled life anchoring ourselves to our Creator and those that will help us reach our destination.
The final line “Life is but a dream” to me means if we continue to focus on the troubles of life, the trials and the tribulations we will begin to feel as though whatever we think on we wont be able to achieve it because of our current situation. The harder we try to step out of the muck the further into the muck we go. It becomes hard to visualize actually receiving what we dream, actually believing if we can dream it we can achieve it. I know for a fact that some even a lot of dreams can come true the key is as you walk, walk knowing that there is light at the end of a tunnel and if I keep rowing its bound to take me to a good place. Perception is key as well people row to reach someplace not to stand still and become frustrated, so if we see ourselves not going anywhere we won’t but if we remain positive and look out as far as our eyes can see we will reach our destination and our destiny.
As we go through our challenges lets try to do so with a heart of joy and as best as we can muster a smile. Challenges should be greeted in stride while open to joy with a smile.

{Monday, November 2, 2009}   Missions To Africa

Dear Friends,

During the past four years God has used my gifts and abilities to work with my local church helping women in prison see their potential purpose and destiny in Jesus Christ. Despite their current situation we want them to know that God loves them and desire to use them to reach others for Christ.

Now the Lord is calling me to take a leap of faith and have opened up a door for me to go on a mission’s trip with the JESUS Film Project, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. Benin, West Africa has many names including “the birthplace of voodoo” and “the slave coast.”. However, in the midst of spiritual confusion and oppression, God is using national believers in a mighty way. National leaders along with our team are ready to change the nation’s future for Christ.

Through missionaries, we are launching a spiritual movement in Benin. Working side-by-side with Beninese staff and students I will be given the opportunity to meet students on the second largest campus in the country and share the “Good News” of our Lord and Savior, thus giving them hope of a new life in JESUS. Through innovative campus outreach and the premiere of the JESUS film showings, we pray many will put their faith in Christ Jesus and receive their salvation. Our team will be the first to make history as we venture into Benin to show the JESUS film in their language. With your help we can bring the gospel to those who have never heard it.

Would you please consider partnering with me, both prayerfully and financially, to enable me to go and share Christ’s love with these people? I am down to the final stretch only needing 750.00 so I really need your support financially. This will be an awesome move of God and you can help be a part of this. You can make your checks payable to Campus Crusade for Christ, and mail it to Campus Crusade for Christ Attn: Leslie Hamilton, 100 Lake Hart Drive- Dept 3100, Orlando,Fl 32832. (Any investment you make will be tax-deductible, of course.) Please make sure you do not write anything on the memo line of the check; we will make sure it gets routed correctly. . Thank you again for your support and prayers.

Love Samone
Ezekiel 34:16- “I will search for the lost and bring back the strays. I will bind up the injured and strengthen the weak.”

{Saturday, June 6, 2009}   NEW SITE

This is where the bulk of my time has been. I will have to update this site as well but for now please visit. Women in the Valley at ning.

{Saturday, January 31, 2009}  


Hour of Power Prayer with Minister Tonya
Every Monday Morning 10am-11am Est

Call-In Instructions:
Dial: 1-309-946-5255
Key in the access Code: 878801

Midnight Cry
Every 2nd and 4th Friday of every month we will come together corporately via phone conference at midnight for one hour. You will not have to stay on for the full hour.

Here is the dial in number to conference in on Midnight Cry
1 (218) 486-1600
Access# 671202

{Saturday, January 24, 2009}   Buy Now

Hi Everyone Just wanted to remind you, if your looking for my new book Lily in the Valley just click

The tab is on the right hand side.
To all the ladies that stopped by last night at the Women’s Conference it was truly great to meet you all and I pray Lily in the Valley creates a change in your life. An extreme maker. Don’t forget to check out and join my new social site Women in the Valley at http://www.witv08.ning.com
Be blessed!

{Tuesday, December 23, 2008}   New Social Network

Hi Everyone Women in the Valley is now a social network! I am so excited and you should too. This is a great way to network and meet women all across the world. Connect with other women who are going through their valley experience. Have great discussions on health and wellness, relationship and financial issues, healing and dealing with divorce and many more topics. Are you a writer? Then join inspire us with some of your writings. Also find out more updates on events for Lily in the Valley. I invite all to come Click on the link to join: www.witv08.ning.com

{Monday, December 1, 2008}   Amazon.Com

I am so excited! I found out that Lily in the Valley is almost sold out on Amazon.com! There is only one copy in stock! God is so good! Maybe you could be the one to sell it out completely!

I cant thank you guys enough for this to God be the glory!

{Monday, December 1, 2008}   Book Signing Pic’s

{Monday, December 1, 2008}   First Book Signing

Hi All just wanted to give you an update on my book signing. I’d like to first thank my friends that assisted me with this especially The Family Christian Book Store. They hosted my very first book signing and it went very well I must say! I had several different feelings, joy and excitement was a few of them. This was truly a blessing and I thank God that the Holy Spirit and a host of angels were present. The best part of my signing was that we were used to pray for some of those that purchased a book. That in itself was awesome and amazing, had I sold no other books that would still have been the highlight of the day for me. I have a few pictures for you to take a look at. Stay tuned for the next event!

{Sunday, October 12, 2008}   Book Release

Hi Everyone the book is now out! I’m so very excited and can’t wait to see what God does! Lily in the Valley is available on Amazon.com, Barnes and Nobles and Target.com as well as the other bookstores. Remember you can also purchase it on this site under Buy Now. Also check back for upcoming book tours!

{Thursday, September 4, 2008}   Lily in the Valley Update

This past weekend I was invited to speak at a Women’s Retreat at Lowell Prison in Ocala Fl. I had donated some of my books there and wondered what the women thought about the book, I had no idea what I was about to hear. Well after I spoke the women just rushed me with so many questions and wanted to know how they could get a copy of the book! One women came up to me and stated that she read the book and was so blessed by it that she is taking parts of it and making it into a play that the inmates will be doing in a few months! I was truly beside myself, it was such an awesome feeling. I had to  share this as for me it just tells me what God is doing with Lily in the Valley.

{Monday, August 25, 2008}   More on Lily in the Valley

 This past weekend I asked a few people what they thought of my new book Lily in the Valley some were still in the process of reading some finished the book in less than 3 days! Here are the responses the first one I added a few days ago came from my mother in law. I must say I was a bit nervous sending the book but I know God and know He has the power to move in a way that leaves us speechless! God is awesome and I know he is moving.
So here are the responses from others:

“I love the book its for everyone. If you never set foot in church you will understand it. Men, women and even teenagers will be able to relate! You touch subjects that so many people can relate to.” -Coworker

“I love the book! The way you illustrate your story and put it to the Word, I love the way you break down the different meanings and the names. If you don’t know the Word of God you will after reading this book!”- Coworker

“This book is a lighthouse to the Father, you see that just from the cover! This book will heal so many hurting people that come into this office.” -Lydia

God is doing awesome things with Lily in the Valley I thought about putting the book in the Mens prison but wasn’t sure until I got responses from people telling me that men will truly be blessed by this book. So to God be the glory! I volunteer at a Body by God Dr’s office and they are going to display the books in their office all I did was show the book cover! Only God knew!

{Saturday, August 23, 2008}   Comment on my new book: Lily in the Valley

Hi Everyone for those of you who have not gotten a copy of Lily in the Valley shame, shame shame. Its a must read and I am not just saying it because I wrote it, I believe it! I know and believe its going to transform the lives of so many women AND men. I cant wait to hear from more and more men and women that grab a hold of this book! If you want a closer relationship with God or your in a storm; your valley this is the book for you. You’ve been hurt by friends or loved ones and think life as you know it is over this is the book for you? If your hungry for the presence of God this is the book for you. Your not sure where your life is heading then this is the book for you! So dont hesitate get your copy today!

I have gotten some feedback vervally but this was my first email response about the book so I thought I would share it with you.

hi Samone ,
I received the books and have not been able to put it down. Everyone man and woman should take the opportunity to read your book. It is great and thank you so much again.
Love Bev

{Thursday, July 31, 2008}   The Joy of the Lord
The joy of the Lord is my strength,
In it I put all confidence
It shields me from this harsh life
reassures me things will be alright
The joy of the Lord kept my mind
Not a day late or a dollar short
It became my life support
My shield and buckler,
When I was down and couldn’t see
It came and rescued me
The joy of the Lord is my strong tower
When I became weak it became my power
The joy of the Lord is my protection;
Daily I use this as my confession
Eases any pain I may feel
And shows me that His love is real
Complete joy can not be found in human sex appeal
But thru the Lord we all can experience the joy and love of the Lord
as our strength, tower and shield

Samone D. Darden ©2008

{Thursday, March 13, 2008}   TEARS


My vocal cords crack
break and shake
As it trembles
I fight to keep the tears from falling
It gets harder and harder by the moment with every last breathe
I try to control it
Tears fall like rain beating against my window seal
I cant heal!
So many tears it seems impossible too
I scream in rage
This is the final stage
The waters begin to rise
The flood seeps thru the cracks
Pressure from the past over flows and filters thru my mind
I shake and tremble
Unfortunately I can’t stop it
They continue to take off like that of a rocket
I pull out some tissue from my left back pocket
And pray once more for God to stop it
Tears of fear, tears from healing from pain
They can’t help but fall like rain.

Samone D. Darden ©2008

{Thursday, November 29, 2007}   Purge Me

Purge Me
Lord I want you to continue your work in me
Please don’t leave me halfway incomplete
Helpless lying in defeat
I am giving you complete access to me as a whole
That’s including my soul
Take every hole and fill it with you because there’s nothing I can do
I can’t heal myself as hard as I’ve tried
There have been many nights I’ve cried and cried
Regardless of how I react
Please God don’t hold back
But continue the process
No matter my tantrums or complaints.
I’m giving you access; remove all the restraints
I must see this to the very end; to see my new self arise
My new life begin
I want to reach these new heights and new levels you talk about
So I ask please God
Continue your work in me
Give me eyes to see; the beauty that lye within me.

Samone D. Darden ©2007

et cetera